KatarinaPT is a mobile Concierge 

Physical Therapy Service

In-Home Physical Therapy for Runners & Athletes,

Madison New Jersey & Surrounding Areas

Luxurious Home


The environment in which we heal plays a huge role in the quality-and speed of recovery.


That's why we, as a concierge practice, offer our services away from the busy clinics (with multi-tasking clinicians and insurance-dictated treatments), and bring physical therapy to the comfort of your own home or office.


At times, we take our services outdoors to a local park, to replicate the true environment of where you run, or otherwise might exercise.


This model allows for a familiar, peaceful atmosphere, conducive for optimal healing. Perhaps more importantly, concierge services allow for sessions to be truly centered around you & your aspirations.

It's convenient, it's safe, and it's hassle free.


A Little About Me:


"Runners are crazy!"

Every fall, our sports medicine clinic in Manhattan would be inundated with runners training for the NYC Marathon. Like clockwork, they'd trickle in starting August, and by October, it was a full on deluge.

"Why do they put themselves through this?" I'd ask my colleague, "just so they can torture themselves more by running 26-something miles??"


Yes, runners can be a bit extreme. But that's what I love about working with runners. Whether an elite long-distance athlete, or a slow-jogging weekend trotter, there seems to be an intrinsic drive to keep going - even though running is not always easy, or fun. That is fascinating to me. 


My name is Katarina Erlandsson and I'm a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and founder of KatarinaPT.


I've been involved with treating runners and other athletes for over 15 years. First as a massage therapist working in a boutique style Manhattan fitness studio, and then as a physical therapist, partnering up with some of NYC's top sports medicine physicians and orthopedic physical therapists.


I'm a runner, too. Throughout my life, I've incorporated running into my training. I was a competitive youth soccer player in my home-country Sweden, and completed 5K and 10K races at a pretty decent pace. Running back then, was a way for me to keep fit and healthy for soccer. As an adult, I've been an avid volleyball player and a recreational boxer. Running played a huge role during my boxing training as well, as my performance would plummet if I did not put in that roadwork regularly.


I currently run 3-4 times per week, mostly for the feeling of freedom I get when doing it, and also for the obvious health benefits - both mentally and physically. 


I recently moved to Madison, NJ, with my family, and I'm enjoying exploring the trails that this area has to offer!

Licenses & Certifications:

Doctorate of Physical Therapy, 2012, CUNY Graduate Center, New York

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (ABPTA)

New York State License in Physical Therapy

New Jersey State License in Physical Therapy

Licensed Massage Therapist, since 2005

EMT- B NY State, since 2007



"I'm back to running, I'm back to lifting, I never thought I would get there!

Katarina helped me get better, physically and mentally"

- Michael W.

New York, NY