We Help Runners

Recover From Injuries

& Reach New Goals

In-Home Physical Therapy for Runners & Athletes,

Madison New Jersey & Surrounding Areas

Finishing Line
What You Get:
Groundwork for a long & rewarding running career.
All the health benefits You get from being able to continue running!
An opportunity to improve your stride and performance.
Room to grow your knowledge, joy and passion for running.
An increased understanding of your condition & your body.
Hands-on treatment (i.e. sports massage) to heal & restore injured tissues.
Care focused on You - away from busy clinics - we bring treatments to your home, or meet outdoors in the parks.
Solutions on how to manage and eliminate factors that cause your pain, or otherwise interfere, with your training. 
Continuous & prompt communication with KatarinaPT for any past, current and/or follow-up questions. 
What We Offer:
Physical Therapy Services for Runners & Exercisers
Evaluation & Assessment:
Comprehensive Sports Focused Physical Evaluation 
Outdoor Running Gait Analysis (video-based)
Strength & Endurance Analysis
Movement Pattern Analysis
Manual Therapy:
Sports Massage
Recovery Massage & Myofascial Release
Muscle Energy Treatment & Stretching
Joint Mobilizations
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Release
Therapeutic Exercises:
Running Specific Strength Training
Running Specific Stability Training 
Muscle Group Endurance Training
Neuromuscular Reeducation:
Proprioceptive Training
Balance & Muscle Control Training
Gait Training
Rehabilitation & Pain Education
Implementation of injury prevention program
Pain neuro-science education
Bridging the gap program: From Injury to Peak Performance
Where To Go From Here?
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