Physical Therapy & Wellness

Total Body Scan

At the start of our path to injury free running, we look at every aspect of your musculoskeletal system. We find out what may be contributing to your painful condition or set-back, whether a joint restriction or a muscle-or tendon issue.  We identify areas where you are strong and look for parts where you can improve your strength. But most importantly, we figure out what factors are relevant for your healing and future running. This way you can reach your peak performance promptly and safely, while avoiding creating changes where none is needed.

This assessment will also give you a diagnosis and prognosis - i.e. "What is wrong?" and "When will I get better?"

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The Game Plan

Katarina Erlandsson, PT DPT

Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS)

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Physical Therapy & Wellness

Rebuild & Repair

The term "wear & tear" is often used when people talk about painful joints or tendons. I have good news for you: We can actually "rebuild & repair" many of these "wear & tear" tissues. This is particularly true for tendons, which respond very well to heavy loading exercises, as shown by numerous peer reviewed research studies. 

In other words, even though we take a holistic approach to healing, the local injured tissues need to be addressed directly as well.

Even better news is that keeping your running going is also beneficial for your recovery. We look at your training schedule and modify any training errors we discover. We then set up your training to optimize both your performance as well as your healing. 

Physical Therapy Services

What do we do in PT? 

At KatarinaPT we individualize all sessions based on how you present, what goals you have in mind, and where you are in your training or exercise routine. Our mission is to empower you to heal well, train smart & reach an optimal state of health & well-being. 

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Physical Therapy & Wellness

Strength & Power

Aaaah..... lifting heavy! The most "forgotten" component in training for a lot of runners. Here's the deal: You need to have adequate musculature and strength in order to run well and to avoid new or old injuries.  


In this phase of recovery, we really get to challenge our bodies to the max.  And hey, runners, if anyone knows how to push themselves, it's YOU, the endurance athlete.


In addition to strength training, we also bring in power training. You'll discover how power works well for your speed training as a runner. All in all, strength & power will set you up for a wonderful running boost, which usually feels extra sweet after having been troubled by injuries. 

Physical Therapy & Wellness

Gait Analysis

Have you ever video-recorded yourself running? You should! It can be quite eye-opening. In a good way!

There has been quite some controversy in the industry on what "proper running form" really is (hello heel-striker vs. forefoot-striker debaters!). The truth is that we all have our own individual styles, that may fit our body type and running goals the best. Having said that, there are usually some aspects in our running gait that we can tweak to avoid recurrence of a certain nagging injury, or to make us more efficient runners (faster!).

This is why gait analysis plays an important role in running rehabilitation.

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Physical Therapy

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