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We help Runners & Fitness enthusiasts recover from injuries and reach new peak performances

Performance Based Physical Therapy From The Comfort of Your Home
We get it!

Being injured is a pain. Making appointments is a pain. Making it into the clinics can be a pain. Doing "exercise homework" is a pain. Being told to "stop running" or "hold off on tennis" is a maaajor pain.

That's why we do things differently at KatarinaPT.  We stay away from the administrative red-tape, the boring leg-lifts, and the crowded health care facilities. 

Because let's face it - you're already dealing with enough pain. Why add more? 

Here's what we do:

We're a concierge physical therapy service helping runners, athletes, and other exercise enthusiasts recover from injuries & set-backs, and reach new peak performances or individual goals.

Services & all necessary equipment are brought to you - all you need to do is be home. It's convenient. It's safe. It's hassle free.

Our approach to physical therapy is that YOUR training should be a crucial part of the rehabilitation process. 

There's no "homework" (this is not school!). Recovering well from injuries happens when rehabilitative programs are used in activity specific manners - activities that matter to you. No one else. If you're a runner - running will be part of your rehab!

Call us for more information on how we can help you live your life to the fullest - whether you're a seasoned athlete or a work-out 'beginner'.  You can also drop us a line below.

Let's get it!
Serving Madison, NJ & Surrounding Areas
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