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Concierge Physical Therapy Services Are Centered Around You & Your Aspirations

Madison, New Jersey

Addressing pain and injuries is crucial for our well-being. As a sports physical therapist, it is my goal to guide you through a physically active healing process, so that you can keep doing the activities you enjoy, and excel at your sport, exercise routine, or improve your fitness level.


Allowing your body to recover properly, while also challenging yourself with appropriate levels of training or exercise, is what good self-care and great physical therapy is all about.

As a concierge practice we offer our services away from the busy clinics (with multi-tasking clinicians and insurance-dictated treatments), and bring physical therapy to the comfort of your own home or office. Some of us also rent spaces in yoga studios, wellness centers, acupuncture practices or private gyms, a couple of days a week. At times, we take our services outdoors to a local park, to replicate the true environment of where you run, or otherwise might exercise.


This model allows for a familiar, peaceful atmosphere, conducive for optimal healing. Perhaps more importantly, concierge services allow for sessions to be truly centered around you & your aspirations.


It's time for YOU to have some "you" time. You deserve it!